As a graphic designer I spend a lot of time helping soulful business owners tap into the soul of their brand.

It can be easy to get lost in or overwhelmed by the noise of what other people in your industry are doing and how they are reaching their audience.

Or, as your business evolves, sometimes your “brand identity” can be left resonating with your past vibration rather than encompassing the beautiful evolved power in which you stand now.

The fact is we evolve as people and our businesses evolve too. Being true to who you are is about releasing anything that holds restrictive energy such as trying to fit in with a strategy someone else uses when it doesn’t ‘light you up’ or feel right.

It’s about being in alignment with the visual and written aspects of your branding and feeling the excitement of knowing that because your brand image is fully and consistently representing your soul passion and your ‘big why’ you love helping your dream customers this way, knowing that the universe is using your brand communications as an empowered conduit to draw those who need what you are offering directly to you in an abundant flow.

Whether I am helping my clients create ‘branding for success concept mood boards’ for a new project or creating ‘uplevel your brand inspiration sheets’ to guide them in how to draw all the elements of their business identity together in a beautifully consistent way because their business image has become a little disjointed and out of sync with where they are at now and what they want to achieve, the most important thing to first clarify is aligned branding foundations. 

When clarifying branding foundations you are tapping into the soul of your brand.

1) Know your customer… who do you want to help and why. How does what you offer benefit them? *If you have more than one type of ideal customer, consider Sub-Branding*

2) Write down your heart passion key words… approximately 8 key words of how you want your customers to feel after you have helped them with your product or service.

3) Create concept boards of design elements, colours, fonts, shapes and styles that encompass and portray the key words you have clarified.

4) Design your brand graphics and communications to express the heart and soul of your business and be a magnetic conduit attracting your dream customers.

How you present your SOUL BRAND Personality, personal brand identity can sometimes include giving yourself a title that your audience will relate to, such as ‘The Queen of Productivity’ ‘Goddess of Admin’ ‘The Reiki Healing Angel’ and so on, which could also be used as a tag line, business brand name or product/service title lead.

1. Know your Brand Ethos. What does your business stand for? What is your brand promise to your customers (thinking about your brand experience) and to yourself too (how do you want to feel running your business?)… allow yourself to ‘be in’ that joyful energy.

2. Consistent Visibility… Embrace your brand image, remember it is an extension of your energy, maybe you could sometimes show images in which you wear clothes in your branding colours so you ‘match’ your logo and website when people see you in a photo or on a video, or have a backdrop that is ‘on brand’ to match your theme. Use your brand elements overlaid onto photo’s and use branded backgrounds when you share quotes. It is not about ‘having to’ maintain these things every single time you post but more allowing a feeling of natural and comprehensive alignment with your brand image and knowing you are helping your audience recognise, engage and feel a connection to you.

3) Authenticity. Speak from the heart. Be Real. Only work with the customers you want to work with. Remember, people buy from people. When it comes to a personal brand presence audiences respect GENUINE over PERFECTION and can feel the powerful energy of someone being authentic in sharing their message by whatever media. Be Yourself. Discover and stick to what works for you… part of owning your powerful personal brand is just embracing the media and formats of communication that you love and can give your audience the best version of you via rather than doing something because others are when it just doesn’t feel like ‘your thing’.

Being aligned to your soul brand image is so important. Not because any particular aspect of the brand identity graphics or the brand communication marketing is essential to your success but because YOU feeling ALIVE when you are working in your soul passion and sharing your soul power through the media that feels right for you and knowing it reflects you perfectly is what helps emanate that magical energetic vibration far and wide that is irresistible to your dream customers.

When you are fully aligned to the way your are representing your business to your audience and it excites you and lights you up, then that energy shines through brightly as a radiant beacon for your ideal customers.

Living your soul brand is knowing that however you feel aligned to present your business to your audience whether that is personal face to face networking, sharing posts or engaging with people online on Facebook, using Instagram or pinterest or linked in, creating videos or hosting webinars or online groups, whatever feels right for where you are at now is exactly what you should be doing.

I’ve been a branding designer for 25 years and I love supporting other soulful business owners. There are lots of free resources and affordable design services on my site however it can be a little overwhelming if you don’t really know what you are looking for. If you’d love some help creating a soul brand identity that you feel truly aligned to or updating and enhancing your current business image to reflect the energy you want to be in now, book a free advice call and I can learn about your business and direct you to what will help you take the exciting steps forward to where you want to be!

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