I have put together this blog answer frequently asked questions about creating a card deck with me and how the process works.

What Is Time Frame For Card Deck Design?

Typically a deck of up to 78 cards can take between 2 to 6 weeks to complete the design process. The time frame is really dependant on a few factors. Firstly, the styling chosen for the deck will impact how long it takes to create. For example, a photo based or icon based or typographic visual for the cards is quicker to create than something with a lot of illustration or fantasy style photoshop layering. Secondly, the time in which I receive feedback on the various stages on design will impact how quickly I can get the project booked back into my schedule and continue with the design process.

How Much Does Card Deck Design Cost?

I created a package deal that includes the design of a 48 card deck, a box, a small guide book and a promotion graphic for £1,111.00 *Split payment option available.
If you need more than 48 cards, I can provide a quote.

SUMMER SALE NOW ON… full design service just £880.88

What Is The Design Process?

1. Firstly we have a call to discuss your ideas for the card deck and you provide the text for each card.
2. Next I create mopboards of around 20 concept inspiration ideas for each card.
3. Short listed ideas for card visuals are developed based on your selections.
4. We have a live design session to create your reverse and design and a selection of the front and designs in realtime over screen share.
5. I create all the remaining card designs remotely to match the chosen concepts and styling.
6. We discuss the box and guide book and you provide the content for these.
7. I create the box and guidebook. Any tweaks to any of the designs are completed and you have print ready artwork so that you can order a test deck.
8. Your deck is ready to print and sell. You can use your test deck to promote the deck and make pre-sales.

Whenever you are ready you can get the deck printed and see the cards in the hands of happy customers!

What If You Want To Create Your Own Designs But Need Some Help?

I offer a “templates only” package where I will create a frame or background for you to add your own image or text to thus helping you to create the front and reverse cards in a print ready format. The cost for this is £248.00 
If you have artwork ready that you want to use on the cards but would like me to put the print ready files together and add any text or frames to the deck, I can quote according to the number of cards.

How Long Does Print Take?

Typically 4 to 6 weeks however this will depend on the workload of the printer. You can usually pay extra for expedited print.

How Much Does Print Cost?

Print costs will depend on the size and weight of your cards, what type of box you want and how big the guide book is, if you want to include one. Cost per deck comes down the more decks you purchase. You can get a quote for various specifications and quantities from the specialist card deck printer that most of my clients use. 
I always recommend getting a single test eek printed first to make sure you totally love it before committing to a print run. Having a test deck also gives you a great marketing opportunity and many of my clients run a kickstarter campaign or set up pre-sales of the deck on their website in order to generate funds towards covering print costs. 

Below Are Examples of Card Decks I have Created. . .

What Else Might I Need?

Depending on where and how you want to promote and sell your deck, a selection of promotion graphics, social media posts, social media banners, a website design, call to action graphics and roller banner design, may be useful. Some of my clients also create multi-price point packages to offer other designed merchandise products with the decks that you sell. Merchandise could include things like a journal or set of notebooks to match the deck design style, a cloth designed for the deck to place under the card ‘spread’ while people are using the cards, a printed pouch or bag for the cards to go in, a bookmark to use with the guide book, postcards or gift cards that use the designs or quotes from a number of cards, keyrings, magnets, mugs, water bottles that compliment the design of the deck, jewellery or clothing items can carry the deck styling and make great gifts and up sell purchases too.


I am a qualified designer with over 25 years experience and have created lots of beautiful card decks for my clients over the years. If you have considered creating your own deck and would like to discuss any questions you have or would like my help to make your idea a reality then please contact me at >>> creative.ces@gmail.com <<< I'm looking forward to speaking with you soon!