As a graphic designer I spend a lot of time helping people create a high vibe influential online presence for their business.

Here is my list of the top 10 must have graphics for raising your visibility, brand awareness and influencing perceived value when attracting new customers!
Attention to detail and a consistent professional image is key. When looking through the list think about how you could incorporate these ideas into your business to create beautiful “on brand” compelling designs to enhance your online presence.

Number One – Logo

An eye catching, easily recognisable logo that evokes the right feelings about your brand. Your logo and brand theme are the heart of how your business is visually represented and it’s important that you feel aligned with it and know it is portraying the right vibe to attract your ideal customers. If you have a logo you like and don’t want to completely change but feel it’s not quite right for your business any more, there are often subtle tweaks you can make to enhance it or you may like to think about creating an umbrella brand and making your current logo a sub-brand identity of your business.

Number 2 – Sub-branding

Creating sub-brand logo’s and icons to represent the different sides to your business has a high impact will help you attract specific types of new customer to particular services. It is a great way to identify different service levels too influencing perceived value and sales.
When considering introducing sub-branding bare in mind professional consistency in your over all business image whilst allowing the strength of each individual sub-brand SHINE!

Number 3 – Website Headers / Banners

Your website is your online shop window… so think make the most of your merchandising opportunity. Create a window display with high impact on every page of your site. Headers and Banners are the first things your audience will see so it’s important to visually portray the right message about your brand and catch their attention so that they want to discover more about what you offer.
Less is often more with a main header… it is about getting attention not telling them everything about your business. Rotation banners underneath a main header, or using different headers on different service pages can help you engage customers more.
If you think your web header could be improved upon there are often little tweaks that can be made to enhance it such as making sure a photo is facing forward to the right (a positive trigger) or using a semi transparent overlay to help text stand out clearly against a background pattern or image.

Number 4 – Call To Action Graphics

People have a subliminal emotional response to graphics. Colours, shapes and images can influence us taking action after being engaged by content wording. It is a good idea to use some visuals as-well as text in telling your audience what they should do next after reading your copy. Such as a graphic that compels them to take the next step and book a call with you, or go to a certain page on your site to see more information on certain products or services. Encourage them visually to continue on your customer journey.

This can be as simple as bespoke “click here to find out more” button, or creating a visual that portrays how taking the next step will be of benefit to them.. giving them enough of a taste of what is on offer that they will want to contact you or buy now!

Number 5 – Sign-Up or Opt-In Graphics

It’s important to make sure your sign up is presented in a visually attractive way to make it stand out and ensure more click through’s. This can be done by adding graphics such as “badges, sparkles, arrows, buttons, icons” that match your brand theme as-well as a visual representation of what they are signing up for and the subscription box where they enter their details.

Number 6 – Social Media Banners

Social media is an important platform for reaching a wider audience and keeping a consistent brand image throughout your entire online presence presenting you as professional and credible. Continue your brand theme through onto headers for all your business pages and groups, customising each one to reflect the content you will be sharing or the type of engagement you wish to encourage.
It is worth keeping in mind that often only certain parts of your banner will be visible on tablets and mobile phones as opposed to on desktops, and designing according to that if you feel a high percentage of your audience will view your page on a smaller device.

Number 7 – Social Media Share Graphics

Social media gives you an amazing way to reach out to, engage with and attract ideal clients and advocates. Raising visibility, getting yourself known – liked and followed, is best done through a combination of content text and visual images. Eye catching visual posts often attract more interaction and certainly help people recognise your brand theme. Sharing your message, posing questions, inspiring others and evoking certain feelings with your posts online will be powerfully effective when consistently portraying your brand theme.
Having a series of backgrounds that are “on brand” that you can add your quotes and messages to are a great idea. You can also use branded frames or footers to overlay onto photographs. Take every opportunity to ensure it is easy for ideal customers to recognise your brand.

Number 8 – Watermark

Having an online presence means sharing images and photographs that are part of your brand. Whether it is pictures of products and services or an inspiring quote that you wrote yourself, consider adding a semi transparent watermark of your logo or website address both to maintain copyright and stop others using your image as their own (which sadly some people will try and do) and to also raise brand visibility when the post does not warrant a prominent brand icon.

Number 9 – Social Media Ads

Sponsored or Boosted posts on social media are a great way to reach a wider targeted audience. Think about how you can portray your message visually, evoking a certain feeling and compelling a specific response from your audience. With facebook advertising, the amount of text you can add to a sponsored post is limited so choose your words wisely… it is about capturing attention and inspiring your audience to read the written accompanying content text to find out more. Remember to keep your designs “on brand” too so that they will be easily recognised as part of your brand presence.

Number 10 – Icons

The most versatile graphics you can have are bespoke branded icons. They can be created to match your brand theme (colours and style) and be relevant shapes to your business type and offerings. Use them to visually enhance your message, help you tell a story, or to inspire your audience to take a specific action step. Rather than using generic icons, having your own “on brand” ones will show you pay attention to detail and will help you stand out.
You can re-use them for websites, newsletters, ebooks, pdf downloads, social media share graphics and more.

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