As a graphic designer I spend a lot of time helping my clients create high vibe workbooks, whether they are short ebooks for people to download and print out (often used as a lead generators/opt-ins) or top level paid VIP course material or event workbooks for download or print.

Here are my principle suggestions for ensuring you have a workbook that all your clients LOVE and are excited about completing.

1. Choose Your Theme.
You can use the layout, colours, style and images in workbooks to support your audience to quickly absorb the information you want to share and to evoke the right feelings that will help them get the most benefit out of it. 
Rather than having a completely random selection of images, keep things professional, consistent and easy to remember with a theme that compliments the content.

2. Cover.
A cover sets the vibe of the workbook so something eye catching with clarity is a great introduction. If you are creating a series of workbooks, it’s good to keep the covers complimenting each other in style or layout, using the same fonts and so on, so that they are clearly part of a set even if using different themes for each workbook.

3. Stay ‘On Brand’.

Brand consistency is really important and goes a long way towards influencing perceived value. Infuse your high vibe workbook theme with the styling of your brand by carrying through fonts, colours and other graphic elements that are recognised as part of your main brand whilst creating a unique design to enhance sharing your information through the project.

4. Content That Flows.
Text heavy content can be overwhelming and rather a lot to take in. Splitting your content up into bite size chunks of text really helps. Plan in the use of different elements and images that will help make your content easy to understand and memorable. If you have a lot of pages a content page at the front and checklist at the back are great to include.

5. Atmospheric Images.
Enhance your message with images that help you tell a story or explain a principle. Choose images that will evoke specific feelings in your audience. If you are going to use stock photographs, you could always modify them to make them unique and more relevant to your brand. If you are going to use images throughout the workbook it’s a good idea to present them in the same way, so clipped into a circle shape for example, or with a frame that is the same style each time. You could choose a couple of different ways to present your images within the book if it has a lot of pages, so perhaps some full page images with text overlaid to help emphasise certain copy.

6. Eye Catching Icons.

Creating Icons to identify different Sections of the workbook is a great way to enhance it visually. You could also use icons that appear every time something is repeated throughout the workbook so for example if you have “Top Tips” after each section, you could have a star icon in your brand colours to accompany the tips each time. If you have several activity parts in the workbook for your audience to write in, you could use a brand style “pen and paper” icon each time you want them to write.

7. Bullet Points.

Bullet points are great to use because they help to emphasise certain points and break up text heavy information so that it is easier to absorb and remember. Consider using a little shape that is relevant to your brand instead of a circle, so maybe a simple flower, swirl, heart or star for example. You could also think about using ticks, or gold foil effect for bullet points to accentuate the positive point you are making.

8. Infographics and charts.

Infographics are great for helping you tell a story and get your point over in a visually interesting way. Having a picture in our minds often helps us take in and understand the information. Charts are great for presenting information with impact and you can carry your brand style and colours through when creating these elements to enhance your workbook.

9. Engaging Activity Sections.
A blank sheet of paper can feel a bit overwhelming so you could use words and images to make your activity pages more appealing and encourage your audience to fill in the space with enthusiasm. Consider creating a style that you will use throughout the workbook every time you have an activity space for them to write in. You could use things like borders, watercolour backgrounds, dotted lines or boxes/shapes for them to write in, sketch style icons and hand script fonts.

10. Inspiring Call To Action.

So, they have completed the workbook… what now? Remember to give them a call to action to take the next step. So if it is a free download workbook or one for a specific event, invite them to take the next step with you and engage with your next level programme… or if you want them to put something they have learnt into action, summarise it with words and images of encouragement, then give them your contact details and tell them where they can find more information and support.

Top Tip To Start 1

Spend some time considering how you want your workbook to flow… plan out the sections and make some notes of where in the content you can add images and graphics to enhance it and help your audience absorb, understand and remember the content.

Top Tip To Start 2

Think about the activity sections of your workbook and make some notes on how you will identify those throughout the document and what you can do to encourage your audience to enjoy completing them, be benefiting from them and ready to take action.

Remember, when you know how you want people to feel as they work through each stage of the workbook, you can ensure your words and images evoke the right vibe be it challenging the way they are thinking or acting, being informative and educating them of something beneficial, supporting them through something, empowering or inspiring them.

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