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This is A FREE GUIDED MEDITATION and set of support documents to help those who serve others through a spiritual or holistic heart focussed business. The Universe wants to support you in aligning to and attracting your ideal customers, and so do I.

A FREE ONLINE COURSE co-written by Ces Creatively (Inspired To Inspire Design) and Claire Westwood (The Seaside CEO – Life & Business Coach) to help guide you in taking the steps to start or grow your dream business.

FREE BRANDING DESIGN SUPPORT TRAINING DAY… Here is an exciting opportunity to get 1-2-1 Support in creating Branding Designed for Success or tweaking your current brand image to match YOUR evolution so that you feel completely Aligned and attract more of the right ideal customers.

FREE RAISE YOUR BRAND VIBE ONLINE TRAINING DAY… Here is an exciting opportunity to be inspired and get 1-2-1 Support and ideas for promoting your business with visuals online in an aligned way that attracts your ideal customers.

FREE DOWNLOADS and 1-2-1 Advice Call to Inspire You with ideas that will boost your brand with high vibe energy and help you attract more of your ideal customers!

Claim your FREE WEEKLY PROMOTION PLANNER for creating inspired engaging content to share online and attract your ideal customers.

By the end of this easy to follow – fit it into your day when it suits you – FREE ecourse, you will have ideas for months worth of online promotion for your business that feels both comfortable and exciting.

An exciting FREE online Training Day to inspire and support you in planning your HIGH VIBE BOOKLET whether for a freebie download, ebook, sales brochure, workshop workbook or high value paid for programme documents in PDF or PRINT format.

Your environment effects you on both conscious and subconscious levels. Ensure your HOME and WORKSPACE are helping you to achieve INFINITE SUCCES. This FREE Ebook and Checklist are full of practical tips and inspiring images.

HOW TO HEART DOODLE YOUR BUSINESS TO SUCCESS in 3 Days! Download this inspiring pack to get you started Heart Doodling “to draw in” Higher Levels of Abundance and Expansion!


By the end of this affordable online course you will have complete clarity and know the design direction to take in order to create the right branding or re-branding for your evolving business. Perfect for NEW ventures or those who want to tweak their current brand image.

An exciting and inspirational package of A4 documents infused with sacred geometry energy. You can print out and use the sheets on a daily and weekly basis to assist you in creating aligned success in your life and business. JUST £8

I am LOOKING FOR wonderful SOULFUL business owners to feature on my “Inspired To Inspire” blog.