As a graphic designer I spend a lot of time helping people choose the right colours for their logo and brand theme.

Here are my top tips for helping you choose the best colours for representing your business and attracting your ideal customers!

Tip One

Start by clarifying 5 to 8 Key Words of how you want your ideal customers to FEEL when they see your branding. You will then be able to ensure using colours that evoke these feelings when designing your logo and brand theme.

Tip Two

Consider whether you are going to use blocks of colour or just an accent as it can make a big difference to the emotional response evoked. Choose a palette of complimenting colours for your brand theme.

People have an emotional reaction to different colours so they play a significant role in influencing branding and marketing. Below are powerful guidelines based on the psychology of colour for key words that a selection of colour ranges typically evoke. There will always be a variance to these key words as when you combine different colour sets you can evoke different feelings and it can also be quite subjective depending on the personal tastes and experiences of your audience. The fonts, shapes and styles you use within your brand theme will also effect how your business image is perceived.


Key Words that Yellow typically portrays and evokes : Positivity, Joy, Hope, Encouragement, Friendship, Loyalty, New Journey, Optimism, Clarity, Warmth, Opportunities, Energy, Happiness, Active, Confidence, Creativity, Bold.

Match with Bright Pink : Excitement, Possibilities, Explore, Discover.
Match with Apple Green : New Ideas, Growth, Journey, Clarity.
Match with Orange : Creativity, Future, Transformation, Strength.


Key Words that Orange typically portrays and evokes : Positivity, Courage, Strength, Creativity, Confidence, Attraction, Energy, Fun, Warmth, Welcoming, Instinct, Intuition, Motivation, Social, Pleasure, Productivity.

Match with Bright Pink : Welcoming, Excitement, Social, Pleasure.
Match with Turquoise : Empowerment, Social, Discovery, Motivation.
Match with Dark Blue : Business, Trust, Adding Value, Productivity.


Key Words that Red typically portrays and evokes : Powerful, Intensity, Passion, Love, Desire, Risk, Danger, Strength, Fearlessness, Excitement, Bold, Leader, Ambition, Physical, Active, Confidence, Established, Motivated.

Match with Soft Pink : Love, Passion, Empowerment, Pleasure.
Match with Orange : Empowerment, Productivity, Strength, Motivation.
Match with Purple : Social, Desire, Excitement, Discovery.


Key Words that Pink typically portrays and evokes : Feminine, Gentle, Relax, Encouraging, Supportive, Imaginative, Passion, Balance, Love, Bliss, Caring, Welcoming, Creative, Warmth, Longevity, Possibilities, Growth, Nurture, Healing, Peace, Calm.

Match with Purple : Excitement, Desire, Pleasure, Transformation.
Match with Turquoise : Empowerment, Discovery, Opportunities, Encouraged.
Match with Apple Green : Transformation, New Journey, Welcoming, Nurture.


Key Words that Purple typically portrays and evokes : Positivity, Relax, Courage, Strength, Creativity, Spiritual, Confidence, Attraction, Energy, Instinct, Intuition, Unique, Individual, Respect, Compassion, Powerful, Empowerment, Wisdom, Luxury, Wealth, Healing, Peace, Calm.

Match with Pink : Excitement, Desire, Empowerment, Transformation.
Match with Turquoise : Empowerment, Opportunities, Motivation, Spiritual.
Match with Apple Green : Growth, Discovery, Nurture, Creativity.


Key Words that Blue typically portrays and evokes : Trusted, Information, Education, Established, Ambition, Responsible, Success, Structured, Productivity, Loyalty, Wisdom, Confidence, Logic, Secure, Peace, Calm.

Match with Indigo : Powerful, Successful, Productivity, Trust.
Match with Turquoise : Empowerment, Motivation, Learning, Success.
Match with Green : Discovery, Empowerment, Growth, Ambition.


Key Words that Turquoise typically portrays and evokes : Inspiration, Clarity, Empowerment, Joy, Healing, Discovery, Wealth, Enjoyment, Power, Creativity, Inspiration, Strength, Peace, Contentment, Spirituality, Communication, Unique, Welcoming, Longevity, Journey, Transformation, Sincerity, Prosperity, Relax.

Match with Pink/Purple : Welcoming, Excitement, Transformation, Spirituality.
Match with Teal : Empowerment, Ambition, Creativity, Inspiration.
Match with Apple Green : Discovery, Opporutnities, Creativty, Inspiration.


Key Words that Green typically portrays and evokes : Healing, Balance, Growth, Sanctuary, Nurture, Nature, Discovery, Growth, Opportunities, Creativity, Peace, Calm, Encouragement, Supported, Trusted, Wisdom, Active, Transformation, Clarity, Prosperity, Connection, Relax, Peace.

Match with Bright Pink : Welcoming, Creativity, Social, Healing.
Match with Dark Purple : Empowerment, Motivation, Growth, Trust.
Match with Blue : Opportunity, Learning, Productivity, Empowerment.

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