As a graphic designer I spend a lot of time helping people create branding and sub-branding.

Sub-branding is a great opportunity for many of my clients to expand their professional business image, giving different aspects of their brand an identity that appeals directly to a specific niche and maintaining brand theme consistency with high vibe offerings that influence perceived value and attract ideal customers.

If you are wondering what exactly sub-branding is and whether it may benefit your business, I have put together some examples of designs I have created to help my clients boost their business image credibility. Find my Top Sub-Branding Tips at the bottom of the page too!

Andrea Bele Fusco is a freedom strategist and business coach. Her logo is an entwining spiral of contrasting opacity circles in empowering light jade which reflects creating the perfect balance in life and business. The brand fonts are a bold character sans serif complimented by a well defined ambitious script.
Sub-branding has been created for many of Andrea’s offerings to identify them as individual empowering services. These graphics use the same fonts and colour theme with their own unique twist suitable to that group or programme. The Masterclass as a higher level offering introduces gold and a more luxurious font to the recognisable brand image.

Claire Guckian has several sides to her business. We have branded them with triangle form logo’s using a light high vibe energy feel. The brands are strong and recognisable in their own right and compliment each other as opposed to having a Main Umbrella Brand and Sub-brands sitting under it.
By giving these different aspects of Claire’s business their own identity it enhances the professional image and allows marketing to appeal directly to a niche with a solid service type.
Both Logo’s then have a series of themed graphics to present and promote the various workshops, programmes and 1-2-1’s that customers can choose from.

Designed to Move is a Physiotherapy business that offers lots of different kinds of therapy and activities for niche types of clients. The main brand logo is distinctive and it’s focus is a triskelion icon symbolic of movement in a raw textured style. The brand has multiple sub-brands for Cycling / Swimming / Walking / SnowFit and so on all using the same style with relevant icons and colour changes are used within the business image depending on if marketing to women / men / 1-2-1 sessions / corporate group work.

Antonina Andreeva is known as “The Coachinista” her personal brand. Having updated and enhanced her main brand logo styling to evoke positive inspirational brand triggers through the shape, positioning and colour of the empowering transformation peacock, we have created a series of sub-brands using a Sri Yantra sacred geometry symbol in conjunction with the colours of the main brand in form of deep blue Universe background, gold sacred geometry overlay and a peacock feather element. The sub-brands have their own high vibe feel relevant to The Soul DNA Coach offerings whilst still drawing on the credibility of the original brand.

Susan Smalley has 5 sides to her business so we created a flowing heart shape and font style for “With Susan Smalley” as the main brand because all her offerings are heart focussed. The heart appears within all the sub-brands although each design uses different colours and styling to be most relevant and appeal to each specific niche. Her sub-brands allow her to clearly and professionally present her holistic services to ideal clients and easily attract new customers.

Avril Gill is a Life Coach who works with different client types. We created her main brand logo using an infinity symbol, gold heart and clear modern sans serif font. For the Personal 1-2-1 work and workshops / programmes for individuals we created a series of sub-brand graphics “The Re-Invention Coach” and “The Re-Invention Method” which are empowering and inspiring in their own right whilst still carrying a clear link to the credibility of the main brand identity. For Avril’s corporate work we created a logo for “Newlands” with multiple elements allowing her to professionally present her offerings to an alternate client group whilst maintaining a link to her umbrella brand through colour and style.

Tip One

Do you have different types of clients? or different types of services to offer? Then sub-branding will allow you to create something that appeals directly to each niche and makes it clear and easy for them to identify what you do.

Tip Two

Sub-branding will help you maintain a consistent professional business image with an easily recognisable series of graphics that use elements of the main brand throughout whilst are strong enough to influence positive results in their own right.

Tip 3

Creating sub brand graphics for your different offerings will help you influence perceived value. You can create as many sub-brand images as you need as your business evolves and carry the styling through into programme documents and marketing.

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