Please look at the information below and click through to find the right Graphic Design Service for you. If you have any questions or would like to book a free advice call, please Email me at >>> <<< and I will get back to you as soon as I can!


If you are not sure what design direction to take to create the right branding for your evolving business this heart focussed online course is perfect for NEW BRANDING or SUB-BRANDING projects. Includes concept inspiration sheets created for you.

Do You Want New Dream Clients to say Yes Yes Yes! To working with you?

This 3 day online ‘Lead Magnet’ course with 1-2-1 support will help make that your reality quickly, easily and affordably!

Learn how to use Colour within your Branding to HEAL & EMPOWER. Online Masterclass PLUS 2 Bespoke Designs Created For You!

Have you a desire to create your own deck but don’t know where to start? Create Your Own Deck of Oracle Cards. From Idea To Reality : A 6 Step, 7 day online course with 1-2-1 support.


UPLEVEL INSPIRATION SHEETS for those who know their branding isn’t quite working for them but want to avoid starting from scratch. Bespoke guidance and ideas for how to enhance your brand covering your logo/website/social-media/marketing/ebooks.

DIRECT LOGO CREATION. I am your Digital Paintbrush. If you have an idea of what you want but need someone to quickly create the professional finished design for you.

LIVE LOGO DESIGN. Perfect if you are not sure what you want but you will know it when you see it. I will create your design for you in real time over skype screen share reacting instantly to feedback to get great results that you will love.

LIVE DESIGN – for whatever your design requirement. Perfect if you are not sure what you want but you will know it when you see it. I will create your design for you in real time over skype screen share reacting instantly to feedback to get great results that you will love.

MONTHLY DESIGN PACKAGE – Support, Ideas and Awesome Designs EVERY MONTH for an affordable amazing value fee. 2 package options available. #HighVibeBrand

BRANDING PACKAGE : BEST VALUE DEAL of LIVE LOGO DESIGN + 8 bespoke Graphic Banners or Backgrounds for use on your website, social media and newsletter. Everything you need to start getting your new branding visible online.

WEBSITE DESIGN : Professional design and graphics for your website or opt-in page. Create an amazing look and feel to evoke the right feelings and compel the right action in ideal customers.

BUSINESS CARD DESIGN. Remote artworking. Fast results. Double sided business card design created with your content to an agreed style.

FLYER DESIGN. Remote artworking. Fast results. A5 Double sided flyer design created with your content to an agreed style.

HIGH VIBE BOOKLET DESIGN. Ideal whether you need an engaging freebie download or ebook to use as a lead generator, a high impact sales brochure or empowering paid for programme workbooks helping you to productise your knowledge and share your gift with the world.

ROLL UP BANNER DESIGN. Raise your brand vibe with an eye catching banner design to promote your business at events.

BANNERS & HEADERS. Online banners and headers for your website, opt-in page, newsletter, social media accounts or groups.

SOCIAL MEDIA PROMO GRAPHICS / FB ADS / MEMES. Raise your brand vibe online with eye catching and engaging Bespoke Share Graphics and Adverts. Having bespoke branded backgrounds to share your quotes and images on are perfect for getting visible and attracting new customers online.

SOCIAL MEDIA SUPERSTAR GRAPHICS PACKAGES. Raise your brand visibility EASILY with a library of bespoke branded graphics, frames, icons, backgrounds and edited photographs that you LOVE and know will attract your ideal customers. Versatile Re-Usable ESSENTIAL Graphics to help you stand out online.

LOVE YOUR BRAND. With your choice of 20 bespoke graphics created for your business. Includes Business cards, banners, templates, buttons, icons and more…

YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL. To inspire you personally or be a mascot for your business, I will create a beautiful design capturing your spirit animal character.

CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR GRAPHICS. Show your customers you care and share your message with a seasonal twist. Christmas and New Year bespoke to match your branding: Cards, Headers, Banners, Social Media Posts or Ads, Buttons and Badges.

POWER WORDS & AFFIRMATION GRAPHICS. Be inspired and empowered by the ‘feelings and vibrations’ of how you want to feel represented in a typographical image for your desktop screensaver/ facebook banner/ coffee mug and so on.

CERTIFICATES. Create professional branded certificates for your business. Whether you are running a training course, workshop, or want to congratulate your client on their bespoke achievements working with you, use a certificate to validate your customer’s accomplishment.

VOUCHERS / TICKETS. Create professional branded gift vouchers or tickets for your business. Whether you have products, services, or run events, gift vouchers / tickets are a great way to inspire more sales.

WEBSITE BUTTONS & BADGES. Awesome eye catching and compelling buttons, “featured on” badges and sign up graphics to enhance your website call to action points.

GRAPHIC ICONS. Bespoke branded icon sets created for your business. Whether you want them to highlight a service or offer, to add engaging call to action points to your website or enhance your newsletter and social media promotion they are multi-use and great value.

YOUTUBE GRAPHICS ESSENTIALS. Uplevel the look and feel of your Youtube Account with professional designs that compliment your brand and appeal to your ideal audience, helping your videos stand out and get more views.

POWER POINT BACKGROUND TEMPLATES. If you use power point slides for live workshop presentations or as part of webinars and want to uplevel the look and feel with professional designs that compliment your brand and appeal to your ideal audience then this is for you!

PACAKGING DESIGN. Bespoke packaging design commissions taken to meet your requirements. From labels, stickers and bags to full product packaging, CD’s, MP3’s and virtual packaging for online products and services.

ILLUSTRATION. Bespoke artwork to brief created for book illustration, character illustration, card deck illustration, posters or to meet your specific requirements. Commissions taken in a variety of illustrative styles.

IDEA TO LAUNCH. Whether you are introducing a new offering, running an event or want to promote your existing services, I’d love to help you plan and launch an exciting campaign.

FOR LIFE & BUSINESS COACHES. Here is a deal that enables you to offer your clients my design packages at highly reduced rates!

SACRED GEOMETRY ART. Inspiring HIGH VIBE sacred geometry art created bespoke for you and infused with positive energy. Perfect for your home home office or meditation area. Many colour themes and styles available. Specific symbol commissions taken.

EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT FOR YOUNIQUE PRESENTERS. Aswell as being a High Vibe designer, I sell Younique make up because it’s pretty awesome too. I offer an exclusive discount to other Y-Sisters on all design services. Click the button below to read more.