As a graphic designer I spend a lot of time helping people create great versatile brand assets that can be used and re-used on websites, newsletters, workbooks, ebooks, banners, flyers and social media.

Having a library of backgrounds, frames and icons that match and compliment your brand

• Makes it easy for people to recognise your brand when you create content or share promotion

• Helps influence brand value perception by appearing professional, consistent, reliable and having attention to detail

• Evokes certain feelings in your audience by your use of colour and style

Here are the preparation steps to take when you want to create a brand asset library:

• Make a primary brand palette of the colours in your logo and website. Make a secondary colour palette of colours/tones/shades/metallics that compliment your brand colours.

• List the places you may want to use your brand assets so that you can note down the sizes to create them in (such as 900 x 900px for instagram posts / 1200 x 628 facebook posts)

• Brainstorm about any specific things you may like to use branded icons for (such as ‘watch video’ ‘journal’ ‘take action’ ‘buy now’ ‘book call’ ‘contact us’ or in relation to specific programmes or offerings)

• Write down how you want your brand assets to make people feel… you may have different feelings you want to evoke such as for an offering that makes customers feel CALM and one that makes them feel EXCITED (you could consider using the same brand icon in two different colours… a soft light colour for calm and a vibrant energetic colour for excited)


With these elements as a toolkit of .png files with clear backgrounds you can easily overlay and create lots of content visuals for blogs, buttons, newsletters, ebooks and social media promotion posts by adding your own text as required in a free app such as canva.

• Backgrounds (set to social media post sizes + banner/header sizes + A4 for ebook covers)

• Frames (ideal for placing over memes / photographs in canva with or without added text)

• Colour Co-Ordinated Icons (light ones to place on dark backgrounds / vibrant ones to place on light backgrounds – versatile and multi-purpose)

• Specific Icons (relevant to your products/services/actions you want customers to take)

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