As a graphic designer with over 25 years experience, I often help small business owners who sell a service rather than a product… take a look at this blog to see if your business could benefit from the power of productising too!

So what does it actually mean to “productise” your services?

If you sell a service… as opposed to a physical product, “productising” is a way of presenting your service to potential customers in a way that:

• Feels Tangible… makes it feel like a real thing that provides real results.

• Feels Valuable… it makes it easy for a customer to say YES when you use visuals to help identify just how much value they will get.

• Feels Clear… linking information with the concept of something that people recognise and understand will encourage sales.

As an added bonus you can also; Influence Perceived Value and Trigger Desire through the way in which you present your offering.

Here are some examples of how to productise your service with visuals…


The first step is creating a sub-brand label or logo. This should compliment and be recognised as part of your brand (So match in with it’s colouring / fonts / style) but also give this service label an identity of it’s own. So for example, in it’s basic terms, if you have several levels of service offering, you could label them with visuals that reflect ‘service A as the accessible starter level’ … ‘service B as the best value essentials option’ … and ‘service C as the all inclusive high level VIP offering’.

If you just have one service level create a design that reflects the level of investment for your customers. You can dramatically influence perceived value with the way in which you present your information.


Once you have created an identity for the service it’s beneficial to expand on what the customer will actually get when they buy that offering. Making it super clear with the aid of visuals so that it is much easier for them to see the value and say YES! Think about how you could reflect the core values of aspects of what they will glean… so for example if they will be learning something new by listening to audios or watching training videos you could create icons to use alongside the explanation of these… or if you are focussing on results from working with you in a consultation or over time, such as feeling a certain emotion; calm or free, you could create ‘on brand’ icons that reflect these feelings and link in with your business theme.

Icons are great for identifying different modules and levels of a course or programme that you may be offering too! So you could use the same symbol in different colours to enhance how you describe the offering. When these icons are presented next to text and possibly photo’s, on a sales page, it helps reduce text overwhelm, give clarity, and help your audience to resonate with what you are saying which can trigger desire.


Maybe you have a Virtual Product such as a download ebook or audio… producing an ‘on brand’ graphic to make this feel more tangible will help potential clients resonate with the offering. So you could use a 3D book graphic or clipboard with ‘PDF’ on it to represent a download document or for an audio product you could use headphones or a 3D CD cover with ‘MP3’ on it.

For a holistic business, your services may involve using crystals or energy for healing… you could use a graphic to represent crystals, chakras, or sacred geometry or light graphics to visualise energy thus helping a potential customer to recognise the positive feeling and benefits of the offering.

If you have a holistic service which involves listening, talking, or holding space as the main factor by which results are encouraged, you could use symbols like speech marks, speech bubbles, supporting hands, hearts or mandalas in an ‘on brand’ style to make the offering resonate as more tangible and valuable and a more structured training or skill development type of business could use; results, success, progress driven visuals. 

Using consistent graphic and image styles throughout your business will present you as a professional who pays attention to detail and having a library of brand assets you can use for sales pages, promotion and within the service documentation itself will help you influence brand value and make sales.

Check out some more examples of icon sets here and an amazing offer on book cover design (including a 3D graphic) here plus a great value promotion graphics package here If you’d like some help to create amazing brand assets for your business get in touch via I’d love to help you.