Designs are not just about creating a pretty picture. They are about evoking emotion. After all it is ‘real people’ you want to ‘react’ to your design when they see it.

 Using the right colour certainly helps to influence an emotional reaction (such as the design making them feel excited or calm or whatever is relevant to your brand and what you are promoting), but flat colour will have a different level of impact to that of graduated colour or something that has texture within the image.

You can see my blog on general ‘colour meanings’ here:

Texture really draws the viewer in to the design. Whether they are recognising it on a conscious level or it is purely subliminal, a textured image will always evoke a powerful emotional reaction. See the examples below where there are flat colours next to textured colour blocks within the same colour range.

Textured colours can combine a number of ‘FEELINGS’ that they evoke and seem more tangible than flat colours which means the message you are trying to portray will resonate with the viewer on a deeper level.

You can also combine a mix of colours with a texture… the creative possibilities are infinite.

Remember you can use texture within shapes or text as well as for a background to create an eye catching, beautiful and emotive design. 

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