Whatever style, shape and colour your brand theme and logo takes, you can choose to make a real difference by embracing the principles of colour therapy to radiate the vibration of certain colours to your audience through your business communications and promotion. 

Colour Healing is the use of colour in various forms for the purpose of creating balance and health in the human chakra system. It’s a practice now popular for people suffering with depression or stress amongst other things however colour can really be used to effect, heal and empower anybody at any time.

Colour is light of varying wavelengths, each with its own particular wavelength and energy so it’s no surprise that seeing, wearing, touching, being surrounded by and even eating/drinking things of certain colours will effect our mood and whether consciously or sub-consciously we will be attracted to certain colours more when we need them to keep us in an energetic balance.

You can choose the blend of energetic frequencies you want to emit with your brand communications. 

As a designer, I provide my clients with brand specifications when we create a brand identity together. This means we will have selected the range of primary and accent colours they will mostly be using for their brand to help make it easy for customers to recognise their brand and to help them evoke a consistent professional image that helps establish trust, credibility, influences perceived value and gives their ideal client a good feeling about how buying into that brand is going to be of benefit to them. We choose colours that evoke the right emotions and feelings about how my client wants a customer to feel once engaged with their brand. Brand specifications are a great guideline as the colours we choose are those that will generally create aligned energy.

We create a range of brand assets such as icons, website buttons, headers, frames for social media posts and so on using these main brand colours… but guess what?… Even when you have all these amazing brand foundations that you LOVE, you can still choose to stay on brand AND also introduce other energetic colour frequencies outside your brand palette that you feel particularly compelled to emit to your audience at that time. Take a look at the example below. The Wild Yoga Women colours are pink and turquoise with an accent of gold, but green (or any other colour) could be used for a set of promotion posts or for a specific area of the business (such as promoting outdoor yoga classes or being inspired by nature in this example) whilst maintaining a clearly recognisable brand presence.

So how do you know which colour you should emit to your audience at any particular time? You’ll just feel it, be drawn to it when thinking about creating your next promotion, or if you are having a hard time connecting to that inner voice of colour wisdom, think about the feelings you want to gift to your audience in that very moment without over thinking things and choose a colour which portrays those energetic frequencies.

You can infuse designs with amazing energy even by going outside of your brand palette to create graphics and promotion images that attract ideal clients and seek to heal and empower directly speaking to the aligned chakra frequencies of your audience to create balance. You can make any brand identity elements work with any other colour when you allow it to evolve and be expansive :-)

Ultimately, good brand identities are versatile and consistency does not just have to be visioned by restrictive colour repetition. Brand styling, icons, fonts and imagery styles can be strong enough to clearly present your business to the audience allowing you to choose to embrace and radiate any colours outside of your brand palette that you choose to.

Next time you are creating something for a new offering, event or promotion, or even if you are planning social media posts for the following week, consider allowing colour to speak to your audience on another level. 

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