Q: How were you inspired to start your business?

A: I dabbled with meditation here and there, but from early 2017 I made it a priority to make progress on my mental health and I implemented meditation practice everyday. I fell in love with Meditation and from this I became a certified Meditation Teacher in early 2019. Then a couple of months later I started the Intuitive Wellness Studio. My goal is to help people who have struggled or who are struggling with finding their purpose and notice that they are worthy, and their talents, skills and passions do matter.

Q: How much do you love what you do?

A: I love it so much, helping people notice their value and inspire them to go for their dreams is truly incredible.

Q: If you could go back to a point in your life when you were facing a challenge, what inspirational advice would you give yourself?

A: When I was going through that hard time a couple of years ago, I would tell myself to not care about what other people thought about you and what you wanted in life. That your values matter and if a person or situation doesn’t feel right, than don’t do it!

Q: Tell us how your business inspires your customers!

A: Through my meditations, & informative videos I really try and show my customers that you are the creator of their own reality. I also make vlogs where I am documenting my journey in how I am creating the life that I want.

Q: Knowing you aren’t alone in something and that there is light at the end of the tunnel means a lot when you are feeling low. What is a typical problem someone you work with might be facing and how do you guide them back into the light?

A: I think one of the biggest pain points is managing stress and how to find balance. Through my guided mediations and personalised meditations (releasing in the near future) that I offer it allows the person to have that time to themselves, gain clarity, relax the body and build that self awareness around the trigger that may be causing them that stress.

Q: As people we are always evolving and learning things on our life journey. Where do you find inspiration?

A: I find my inspiration through many ways, books, podcasts, going outside or even just journalling. I think the time where I feel most inspired is in my early morning ritual where I meditate, visualise and journal. The creative juices are just flowing at that time!

Q: Businesses are always evolving too… what are you inspired to do next?

A: I am inspired to release a beginners course to meditation and also develop retreats & workshops.
And later down the track I would love to open a real bricks and mortar studio with meditation classes, nutrition consultation rooms, self development workshops and a juice bar!

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