As a graphic designer and creative business owner it is my pleasure to introduce to you other amazing creative businesses. This week in the spotlight is Paige Bird of Baby Bird’s Casting.

Hi Paige, can you tell us a little about your business story and products please?

Baby Bird’s Casting is a home run and mobile business which was established in 2016. This was a passion of mine when I fell pregnant with my first child, I had casts made for me, but unfortunately I had to travel a long distance with a new-born baby. I gave it some thought and decided I wanted to give other parents like myself the chance to have something amazing and unique to keep of their family. Only my family doesn’t just stop at kids, I have three dogs and a horse so I decided to make everyone apart of the family and therefore I have developed the business and techniques to create casts for all our loved ones.

This is my why ……. my children, my daughter is autistic so it was important for me to be home for her, attend all appointments and do my best as a mother to get her to develop, and then I had my son and I don’t want to miss out on him growing up either. The importance to my word is a huge part of my business as it’s my passion and why I work so hard to support my family and still be around for everything I am needed for. As many of you will be able to relate being a mum with a child who has difficulties can be hard working when holding down a full-time job. I’m so lucky and honoured to be able to be flexible and get her the support and help she deserves.

The fact that I bring happiness and peace to my customers makes all my hard work worthwhile. So this is my thank you for making my business a success and my children’s life even better. You are what makes this all real.

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