1 DGA Diversity Award, 1 Norman Lear Achievement Award for Television and 1 Writer’s Guild of America Award for Television. These are a few of the many awards won by the genius female creator Shonda Rhimes. Believe it or not, you and Shonda Rhimes are just alike. How so? Both of you are story-tellers and you’ve taken the necessary steps to create businesses out of your stories.
Piece by piece, scene-by-scene, your business has itched itself together to become the masterpiece that it is today. But, there’s a key difference between you and Shonda Rhimes.

Shonda has found multiple platforms to get her stories in front of her target audiences. So, for those of you fearless women looking to expand your businesses using Pinterest this post will show you how to do exactly that.

1. Pinterest Profile

What is the first thing you do when you pick out a movie to watch? You look at the title right? Next, you look through the names of the actors and actresses, then the mini description and so forth. The same goes for your Pinterest profile. It must capture the attention of your target audience as soon as they land on your account.

You need to have a keyword- rich profile name and bio description to rank high in Pinterest’s smart-feed. In your profile title you need to state who you’re targeting and in 2 words what you do to help your target audience. A great example of this is the Pinterest account of “Wonderlass” (check it out if you have time).

In your profile description you need to explain the following:
How you deliver your service (Train? Mentor? Help? Teach?)
Who you’re talking to?
What the specific end goal is after using your service or product.
A call-to-action on how to access a free resource (Checklist? Audio training? Cheat sheet? Etc.)
Provide a link to the free resource
Provide a photo of your gorgeous face with natural lighting.

Here’s a formula you can follow to create your profile description:
I [How you provide your service?] [Who is your target audience?] [What specific outcome will they achieve?]. [CTA] for my free [What freebie can you give away?] right here [Provide the link to access freebie]

2. Perfect Pin

Let’s work on the look of each scene also known as your pins. Each pin that you create must have a consistent aesthetic and structure. The purpose behind this is for pinners to be able to pick out your pin within a crowd of thousands of other pins.
Begin by figuring out 2-3 complimentary colors and fonts that you’ll be comfortable using consistently on your account. Stick with these fonts and colors no matter what. To further expand on this add these additional elements to create a more concrete structure:
• A keyword rich easy to read and clear title with your chosen colors and fonts
• An image of your freebie on your pin
• Your website name in small-font text size at the bottom of your pin
• A rich pin – which adds your photo, name, website and post title to all of your pins
Here’s a quick reminder, you have to apply for rich pins and then install them to your site.

3. Pinterest Boards

It’s time to get into the first act. Every great film has a first scene that immediately captivates its viewers. This is where your Pinterest boards come in. In order to make this section special you really need to get clear on your message. Figure out what your audience needs to know about your business. What freebies can you give away? What pieces of content can you share that can be valuable 3, 5 or even 10 years down the road?
Once you figure out the answers to those questions and create graphics out of them then it’s time to add these graphics to your “showcase” Pinterest board. Your showcase board will contain only your pins and these pins will be the first thing pinners see when they come to your account. So make these pins great.
It doesn’t stop there. You need to add great characters and in terms of this post your characters are your 10-15 additional boards that you must create to provide more value. Each Pinterest board needs a keyword-rich title relating your business and at least 20 pins added to each of them. It’s important to pin DAILY and watch as your followers begin to grow. Pinterest rewards pinners who are in it to win it.

4. Group Boards & Tribes

It’s time to shock your viewers with a change in scenery. This means you need to join group boards and tribes. So, what are group boards and tribes? Group boards and tribes are boards owned by 2 or more pinners who allow other pinners to pin content on their boards. The best group boards and tribes are those with high engagement and only allow the pinning of high quality content. Group boards and tribes are not immune to the smart-feed ranks.
Now, group boards can be found on Pinterest whereas tribes are found on the new fresh tool known as Tailwind (more on this tool in the next section). Why are group boards and tribes so important?
Group boards and tribes contain pinners that most likely have followers that can benefit from using your content. So, if you pin content frequently and other pinners save your pins to their accounts that means your content is being exposed to their following and their followers’ following and so forth. This results in more followers added to your account and more traffic to your site. So, get in there and join!

5. Boardbooster & Tailwind

Time to put the last finishing touches and release your film to make a financial profit. This is where Boardbooster and Tailwind come in. Boardbooster and Tailwind are auto-schedulers. But, they do have major key differences that you should be aware of.
Boardbooster allows you to put the re-pinning of all your pins on auto-pilot. It also has a special feature called “looping”. What looping does is that it revives all your pins starting from oldest to newest and re-pins them consistently to your boards. So, each time new pinners come to your account they can see and be able to save all of your pins. With this, your account stays consistently busy and active.
Tailwind on the other hand, works side by side with Pinterest whereas Boardbooster does NOT. Tailwind actually works with Pinterest personnel to create advanced features for Pinterest users. Adding onto that, when you embed Tailwind into your Pinterest account you get access to advanced Pinterest Analytics which is a game-changer in growing your traffic and sales.

When normal people hear the word “Pinterest” they automatically call it a “social media platform”. Truth be told, you are not normal. You’re a boss and bosses think of Pinterest as a “search engine optimization tool for graphics”. Get in there and share your value.

Gia Foretia helps creative female entrepreneurs increase their traffic, email list and sales using Pinterest and copywriting strategies. She’s a science-fiction fanatic and die-hard pizza lover. Follow her on Facebook at www.faccebook.com/gia.foretia for more tips and tricks.

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