Q: How were you inspired to start your business?

I was working in a Government job as a Rehabilitation Officer, assisting injured and stressed workers return to work. In my time with them I could see and sense the blocks in them that were prolonging their injury, their stress and their desire to return to work. Things like not loving their work; difficulties managing the negative or harsher energies in the workplace, problems in their relationships and feeling completely lost and uninspired with life. I knew their were limitations in what I could do or say to these people in my role, and eventually, although I loved my job, I wanted to actually get out in to the world in a way where I too could have the freedom to truly help people rather than be limited because of my role and who I worked for.

I knew there was a much deeper way to work with people and to help them get out of the ruts and the patterns in their life. I knew my ability to be able to feel deep into people and feel and see what they needed to heal and let go of, coupled with my passion to help people be their best, feel their best and to live their best life , could really help people get on the right track in their careers, their relationships, and their life in general.

I came across so many energy sensitive people, whom I really related to as I had be overwhelmed with energies earlier in life, where they had completely overwhelmed me and were making me sick. I knew with some simple tips and the right guidance that this in itself could start making a big difference in people’s lives.

Once I started getting myself more and more on my path I could see how little people around me understand or were willing to step through these fears and be and live more of what life had to offer. I knew that there needed to be an on-line space where people going through this transition could connect with each other and know that they are not alone.

Q: How much do you love what you do?

After ten years now of leaving my government job, and starting my own business whilst raising my two children, I am still amazed some days at the life I have created for myself. I spend most of my days filled with so much gratitude to be able to work with so many amazing men and woman who just want to stop surviving and start thriving, and who are willing and courageous enough to look within.

It breaks my heart to see someone with low confidence and self-esteem as it reminds me of myself most of my life. It is often the people that are so loving, so empathic and would do anything for anyone who lack the most confidence and self-worth and I just want to scoop them up under my wing and love on them, and talk to them, and show them how amazing they really are and how much they have to offer the world. It is those quite humble ones who I love to reach and get them to see how worthy they are and that they have a deep purpose in this world.

Seeing people start loving and trusting themselves gives me the biggest high ever. Watching them to start breaking through blocks that have held them back so much in life is a very humbling experience and I work with all of my clients feeling so much honour to do so.

Q: If you could go back to a point in your life when you were facing a challenge, what inspirational advice would you give yourself?

I work with a lot of people who are not happy in their careers or their love life. I have been there. Before I met my beautiful husband I was in a relationship for nearly ten years with someone I met and fell in love with when I was young. I also inspired to do great things in my career but nothing seemed to work out for me. It was like I was stuck in my Admin roles I was in and I couldn’t break out. In the meantime, I was bored in my relationship and I knew deep down that we were not really compatible , however, out of fear, I stayed in the job and the relationship for far too long.

In the end I finally found the courage to break up from my partner. It was not easy and he took it very hard. At the same time a situation at my work occurred out of my control and in the end I had no choice but to leave.

I believe that the Universe is always trying to help us out and put us on the right track, and most of the time a situation that seems to be one where we are losing or challenged or things just seem to be going wrong, is really the Universe’s way of saying, “hey, you don’t belong here, you know you don’t, and it is time to get on the right path, please let go and don’t resist and that will make this process so much easier!”

So when challenges come up and your relationship is falling apart or your losing your job that, you really didn’t like anyway, don’t feel like the Universe is against you. Time after time throughout my life I can see that through all the challenges it has continued to lead me in the right direction. The more I trusted that the easier it became to work through and get on the right path – and for me that is where I am today. Living my dreams that I truly had in my early 20’s and was trying to push for in the completely wrong area. Through all the struggles and challenges that were purely there to get me on the right path – the path that I wanted to manifest.

Q: Tell us how your business inspires your customers!

My products and services inspire and guide people who are ready to stop just surviving to start breaking out of the repeating (often karmic) patterns they find themselves in life. Whether that is in their careers, in their relationships, friendships or repeating family patterns – my work helps people break away from all that keeps them feeling small, worthless and uninspired to a place where they can start feeling and believing in themselves and making the most of their time here on earth. Not only by following their divine purpose, but also by creating relationships that are nourishing, supportive and serve humanity, earth and Spirit. This is not only romantic love but also in friendships as well. In High Vibration City people can start connecting with people who are on the same page, the same vibration and understand each other’s journey.

Q: Knowing you aren’t alone in something and that there is light at the end of the tunnel means a lot when you are feeling low. What is a typical problem someone you work with might be facing and how do you guide them back into the light?

For the most part, those that are drawn to come and do some work with me are quite intuitive. Some of them understand this when they come to me, however, don’t know how to manage it. Some of them don’t even know anything about it, and they begin to learn about intuition and energy sensitivity and things make much more sense to them.

Their struggle can be with feel lost when it comes to purpose, feeling disillusioned with their love life and feeling deep inside of them that they should feel and be doing more but just don’t have the confidence to do it or unsure which direction to go.

Most of my clients are empaths, lightworkers, intuitives or energy sensitives. Some of them know this and some of them don’t. Depending where they are at, the journey will require that they recognize this, and then learn to understand and manage it.

They are usually feeling deep inside that they should be doing more, that they should be doing something important in this life, but they are not quite sure what it is.

They don’t have a lot if any people around them to talk about their more spiritual self so they are seeking others to be on this journey with, even though, they have probably isolated themselves for quite some time and fear the negative harsh energies. What they fear is what they most need – connection.

They will be feel stuck or going through the motions in their love life and or their work life, and often finding that they are attracting the same people and situations over and over again. They know this, and know that they need to move forward but just feel blocked how.

They are incredibly gifted spiritually but often don’t realize to what degree, and are usually the ones that are holding a lot of burden and responsibility in their family – often struggling to fit in with them.

The Unlock Your Love Block process enables them to explore themelves – their gifts, their energy and their blocks that are preventing them move forward in love and purpose, by guiding them through certain beliefs, feelings, thought patterns, and past lifes so that they can unlock these energetic blockages and more of their essences so they can feel clear and confident about who they are, their gifts and what they are here to do in life.

Q: As people we are always evolving and learning things on our life journey. Where do you find inspiration?

I feel strongly connected to my Spirit – it is from here that I am filled with inspiration everyday – to continue to learn and serve. The Universe is vast and wide and even for those of us “connected” there is still so much to learn. I mostly feel like I know nothing, which makes it hard sometimes when you want to help and teach others! However, there is always another level of ourselves ready to be revealed and all we have to keep doing is be present and show up in the moment and be open to what it has to offer.

The truth is that most people do not know / have not remembered who they truly are and the power that they actually have as a being to manifest and create. We have all travelled from far and wide places – dimensions and realms to be here together to have this experience on earth. I think we get far too caught up in paying bills and surviving, that we forget that there is magic within us and all around us.

Nature inspires me. Whenever things do seem a bit heavy all I need to do is look out the window at the sky or a plant or tree or go outside and see a bird or an insect and just drift off into that world and I am filled with magic and beauty. Oh how amazing and magical the earth is. She inspires me to come back to the moment and recognize and accept the variances of experiences that this dimension offers – the ability to experience emotion – the good and the bad.

Q: Businesses are always evolving too… what are you inspired to do next?

For over ten years I have been working with Souls who are ready to explore and connect with more of themselves, to explore their spiritual gifts and to use them to break through negative patterns, behaviours and thoughts about themselves and their life. This has been through one-to-one sessions, workshops and on-line programs.

At present there are number of Souls working through my Unlock Your Love Blocks program within High Vibration City.

In 2019 I will be releasing the next stage of High Vibration City. My very popular Healing with the Ancestors workshops and sessions will be released as an on-line program which is very exciting.

But the biggest release will be the social media platform that High Vibration City has been created to be. So many people struggle with social media but do love an on-line space to connect to others. Connecting with like-minded people where they can speak all things energetic and spiritual and seemingly out of this world has been something that many have felt they can not do in traditional social media platforms.

High Vibration City will be a free social media hub where light workers, seekers, empaths and so forth can socialize and allow this part of themselves out and connect with others who are the same. This will be a free service.

I will also be offering very affordable memberships to people who want to access my courses and specialty forms in High Vibration City where we will work together uncovering and unlocking personal and Ancestral karmic patterns so that you can be free to step into Divine Love and Purpose. There is plenty of info to sink your teeth into, meditations, as well as monthly energy transmissions, clearings and Love Quests (virtual vision quests).

I have been working on building High Vibration City for ten years and I have put my heart and soul into it. It was a vision I was given from Spirit and I continue to follow the guidance I receive to make this a beautiful space for those who are ready to embrace their Spirit and their divine path. There is so much more still to come that I won’t reveal just now.

Rebecca Lee has created a 52-deck of cards offer daily guidance and insight into what is blocking you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.. Each card has been designed to reveal to you that which you may not have been able to see inside yourself and your relationships. Use them for guidance and insight to reveal what is blocked within you, your relationship; or your career. The cards will provide guidance on how to work with the energy and tools to clear your block and move forward vibrating in alignment with your greatest desires.

Other fabulous products available are these sprays which were both created through sacred shamanic ceremony by Rebecca-Lee.

In her books;

Healing with the Ancestors works on the level of the Soul and with subtle energy to uncover the hidden dynamics of your family in an experiential way.

A practical guide that offers three vital keys and powerful exercises to assist you to create a more harmonious and sustainable relationship.

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