Q: How were you inspired to start your business?

I first began giving psychic readings as a teenager. My paternal grandmother was a professional psychic and my mother has considerable psychic gifts too! Over the years I trained in mindset and energy techniques – including life coaching, CBT, EFT and Reiki. This helped me to hone my own intuitive coaching style.

Intuitive Icons was born from a desire to mentor intuitive and psychics, and also to support creatives and spiritual people with a business idea or passion project. 

Q: How much do you love what you do?

I am passionate about supporting people who have a unique calling. Very often these people are sensitive, introverted and empathic. They were the quiet kids at the back of the class, with big ideas. They are pioneers of thought but sometimes feel overwhelmed and struggle to get their message out into the world. Their work is an expression of their truest self, not just a way to pay the bills. That’s why building this vision means everything to them. When I am helping someone with their business dream or creative project, we slowly begin to reveal their authentic power. They begin to live life on their own terms, and realise that anything is possible. That empowerment journey will always be exciting to me. I love to see people blossom. 

Q: If you could go back to a point in your life when you were facing a challenge, what inspirational advice would you give yourself?

I get a lot of wisdom from speaking to my younger self. He was the inspiration for Intuitive Icons, because I wanted to help emerging psychics and empaths who are called to help others but lack support and guidance. When I first began to give readings, I realized there are a lot of assumptions about what psychics do. A lot of these ideas seemed disempowering to both the psychic and the client. I didn’t want to tell someone their future, I wanted to help them create it. I was working in a field that was much-misunderstood. Although there was training available to help me to develop my intuitive abilities, a lot of it seemed geared towards serving others. No-one taught me how to work on my self-care or to merge with Spirit for my own benefit. No-one taught me healthy boundaries. No-one helped me to clarify my working style or release my own limiting beliefs. Because I was doing deeply empathic work, I kept burning out and returning to ‘proper jobs’ that I didn’t enjoy. If I could go back in time, I would help my younger self to see how valuable his gifts are, and that there are people out there who would appreciate this unique way of working. I would also tell him to lighten up and commit to action, as his over-thinking was holding him back. I would let him know that he could create a stable and vibrant life by just being his creative, quirky and sensitive self.

Q: Tell us how your business inspires your clients!

Quite simply I help to create clarity. Clarity of your message, your own worth, your values, your vision, your purpose. When we have clarity, we can then find courage and confidence. That is what helps us to commit to goals. That is what divination is really about – revealing the unseen. Uncovering hidden potential. I like to create a sense of magic and possibility with my clients – big thinking. That’s what I love about the manifesting work. It’s not really about attracting ‘stuff’, it’s about embodying your divine potential. 

Q: Knowing you aren’t alone in something and that there is light at the end of the tunnel means a lot when you are feeling low. What is a typical problem someone you work with might be facing and how do you guide them back into the light?

A lot of my clients struggle with feeling valid and feeling seen. They have chosen a career path which is often misunderstood, which may not have a pre-set route to success. All that inspiration and determination has to come entirely from them. They have often spent time ‘playing the game’ Holding down a nine-to-five, starting a family, finding a spouse, investing in property. They reach a certain stage of life of and think: who the hell am I? But they have to follow their calling and stay true to themselves even if it’s a lonely path. This is why I see Intuitive Icons as a community, a tribe. By sharing my own story, I help others to feel understood and to know they are not alone. In my 1:1 work I provide mentorship for people because I have trodden this path myself. I can empathise deeply and help people to avoid pitfalls.

Q: As people we are always evolving and learning things on our life journey. Where do you find inspiration?

I actually find a lot of inspiration from artists and creatives. That’s why I named the company Intuitive Icons, as I want people to find their own mojo, their own verve. I love artists like Prince and David Bowie who push the boundaries and merge the spiritual with the sensual. I see them as shamans and shape-shifters. When making any business decision I think to myself: how Prince is this? Just this morning I watched documentaries about Vivienne Westwood and Angela Carter. I want to change the culture and help people to value intuition, creativity and otherness. I am lucky enough to live in a city where I can immerse myself in arts and culture. But being in nature is very important to me also. It grounds me and makes me feel whole.

Q: Businesses are always evolving too… what are you inspired to do next?

Although I am passionate about my 1:1 work, my bigger vision is to create a media company for spiritual and creative entrepreneurs. This will include free content, online resources and a worldwide support network. I also want to provide a platform for other spiritual trailblazers.

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