Q: How were you inspired to start your business?

I knew that I wanted to work with more than just one ‘boss’. I had reached a goal in my ‘corporate world’ role and wanted to achieve more. I was keen to use my wealth of experience to help those who have other ‘zones of genius’ so that they can concentrate more on what they do best. I have worked in my own business for two years, and prior to that, have 34 years’ experience working for companies in a 9 to 5 capacity. I can chose to work early or work late or work just a few hours a day if I wish.

Q: How much do you love what you do?

I absolutely love administration work. I love the diversity of the tasks my clients want me to do. I set myself a training day each week to research and learn new skills that will enhance the offering I have for my clients. I am so happy doing my dream job.

Q: If you could go back to a point in your life when you were facing a challenge, what inspirational advice would you give yourself?

I would tell myself to stop. Move away from the issue. Take a few deep breaths. Meditate. Just be, even just for a few minutes. Once you are able to clear your mind and relax your body you can approach your challenge with fresh eyes. When you go back with the fresh approach you will be amazed at the results you can achieve. You will be surprised at how quickly and easily this works. Give yourself a break. 

Q: Tell us how your business inspires your clients!

My customers are amazing and have such incredibly good businesses. They are successful people. Initially they are not sure what work to give you, and don’t want to ‘let go’ of the tasks that they can already do themselves. When you help them ‘with the little thing that annoys them’ they are surprised and elated at the quality of work they get back and the speed in which it has been done. They quite often ‘find’ other tasks that they need doing. Our relationship is special. A Personal Assistant can also help with bouncing ideas on projects or discussing other business issues. After so many years working with CEO’s and VPs you do know a thing or two about business and processes. They are always grateful and you always get a thanks which is wonderful.

Q: Knowing you aren’t alone in something and that there is light at the end of the tunnel means a lot when you are feeling low. What is a typical problem someone you work with might be facing and how do you guide them back into the light?

Quite often the task that is causing issues for my clients is something that comes as second nature to me. Repaginating documents. Proof-reading. Formatting documents and presentations. Fixing photos to documents so they don’t move about. Creating formulas in spreadsheets. Researching and writing up reports on products and services for them to evaluate whether to use in their business. Among many other things.

Q: As people we are always evolving and learning things on our life journey. Where do you find inspiration?

I am a member of various inspirational groups. One is a Virtual Assistants group. There are around 50 members, mostly across the UK but there are some from other parts of Europe, the US and Australia. We help and guide each other. Part of our membership package includes training on topics appropriate to our industry and these are hugely beneficial to our businesses. Some are experts in certain subjects too and give their time to help others. If someone has a tricky situation we pool together to give our thoughts on solutions. It is a hugely caring and giving team. There is a buddy system too where we make ourselves accountable for tasks we want to achieve, to throw ideas around. We also have a community of habit stacking each month and report back each week on how we got on. I have committed to ensuring I drink enough water each day, meditate daily (although I actually did this morning and night because of the benefits). I find these groups very inspiring and believe I have found my friends for life.

Q: Businesses are always evolving too… what are you inspired to do next?

I would love to hire others to work with me in my service giving business. Help them and give them training too if they need it. With my years of experience, there is a lot to give. I also believe that I too will learn so much from them. I am so grateful to do the work I love and help so many other people, it would be amazing to pass on the skills and tips to others. 

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