What are you manifesting right now?

I have created a selection of beautiful free downloads for you to print out and use to jot down your shopping list for the universe, or add your text to digitally and keep the document on your laptop or phone to add to as the month goes by.

Remember, there is no limit to what you can ask the universe to bring to you with ease. . . just be ready to receive it, for it is already yours. . . and so it is!

Writing your ‘wishes’ down on paper is a great way to show yourself and the universe that you are committed to receiving the specific things you desire and you believe you are worthy of receiving them all easily and unconditionally. You could add doodles (heart doodles are a great thing to add – whatever your creativity level) or perhaps you’d like to add stickers or magazine cut outs – like a monthly vision board!

Alternatively, you could use a free app like Canva or a free PDF editor online to add your words digitally!

Choose your manifesting acceleration sheet (numbered 1 to 6 in the visuals above) and request it by emailing me at >>> creative.ces@gmail.com <<< and I will send out the page to you ASAP!