• Bespoke designs created for your business as and when you need them throughout 2017. From branding and sub branding for products, services or events to packaging, web design, marketing materials & social media promotion graphics, book covers and layout, advertising design or any other artwork you need to expand your brand.

• SAVE TIME and Guarantee RESULTS YOU LOVE with LIVE DESIGN SESSIONS to create your designs in real time using screen share. Find out more about >>> LIVE DESIGN NOW <<<

• SAVE MONEY with an amazing value reduced fee package price and by spreading the costs of your annual investment over 12 months.



The package includes 8 HOURS DESIGN TIME (which can be LIVE DESIGN or remote design to suit your needs) and you can use whenever you require it throughout your 12 month contract.

You will have a contract to pay the monthly fee which saves you money on the original cost of 8 hours Live Design Time (normal fee £168 per session) and designs can be created for you whenever you need them supporting your brand expansion and giving you peace of mind with an affordable way to get the amazing results you want.

JOIN any month of the year and your contract will run for 12 months!


• Choose a beautiful inspiring 25x30cm Mandala or Sacred Geometry painting.

• FREE exciting 5 page download of “aligned success” manifesting action sheets to support your brand expansion.

• FREE Inspiring 12 page download pack of “colour in and complete” affirmation sheets to support your brand expansion.

• FREE ACCESS to ALL Inspired To Inspire Online courses and ebooks during your 12 month contract.

CLAIM YOUR PLACE and FREE GIFTS now for an initial payment of just £68 and then no fees are due until the end of next month when there will be a monthly recurring fee of just £98 for 12 months.

8 hours design time not enough over 12 months? (Your payments per hour work out at £155.50 as opposed to the standard rate for a single session of £168)
You can also save even more with a 12 hour contract with 12 monthly split payments of £145
Or a 24 hour contract with either 12 months or 24 months split payment terms based on £100 per hour design rate.

For more information please contact me at ces.creatively@gmail.com

Contact Ces to secure your place for just £68

T&C Apply ….contact >>> creative.ces@gmail.com <<<