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Do you love to make a difference by working with individual clients?

Are you attracting some potential clients who ‘can’t afford’ to pay you or who aren’t aligned to invest in themselves yet?

Do you feel that some of the people you work with are a real drain on your energy?

It can be easy for their story around money to temporarily become your story as you chase payments or try to ‘persuade them to work with you’ because you know what a difference you can make to their life.

Do you find yourself sometimes stuck in a loop of ‘not enough’?

If it feels stressful then perhaps you are not aligned with your dream clients…

Those wonderful clients who are a joy to work with – the ones who ‘light you up’

Do you feel ready to UPLEVEL your clients and work with those who truly value your skills and expertise?

You know you are ‘worth more’ and could ‘do more’ for the right clients.

It feels like it’s time to work with clients who pay well, on time.

It is time to attract clients that value you and energise you.

Are you ready to allow income to flow with more ease when you make a shift?

Does serving clients at a higher vibration feels like your next step?

Your soul is yearning to step into your power and take the step.

The universe is giving you nudges to expand.

It’s time to embrace the exciting next version of yourself living your purpose.

This 7 day programme will reveal some of the beliefs you hold that are keeping you stuck.
It enables you to embrace the right mindset to progress and gives you the magic and marketing tips to attract clients at a higher aligned level.

You will be supported on a gentle journey over a week to get you clear and into guided action.

This course will inspire you to commit to your highest level of brilliance – stop hiding and playing small!

The UPLEVEL course will show you techniques to get clarity on the clients you truly want to serve and show you methods that will magnetise them to your service.

Day 1 – Where you are right now? Get the foundation in place.
Day 2 – Looking at money beliefs and your money story.
Day 3 – Using simple tools for your transformation. Start to feel shifts.
Day 4 – Spiritual and healing tools to add ‘magic’ to the mix.
Day 5 – Shifting out of your comfort zone with specific marketing techniques.
Day 6 – Setting the new intention and ideas for attracting your new ideal clients.
Day 7 – Action plan to keep you connected and on track.

Meet the authors of this course who have combined their areas of expertise to bring you this exciting support to UPLEVEL.

Ces Loftus

Ces is an experienced designer who specialises in supporting spiritual and heart focussed business owners to create aligned soulful branding that is a magnet for their dream customers.

As the author of several popular and successful Branding For Success Courses Ces has added soulful and practical guidance in the content.

Read what clients say:

“I just wanted to say thank you for the programme. I’m going through a transition with my business at the moment and onto a much more soulful path that is taking me out of my comfort zone but on a path that I am much more aligned to and that will benefit my clients more.

The short programme allowed me to really tap into my heart and mind, focus on what I can do to benefit my clients more and remove some of the fear and negative thinking that I have been holding onto without even realising. Even coaches need more perspective and this really opened my eyes to my biggest barrier and put it behind me.

I’m very excited to move forward with the Branding For Success Course next.”
Kelly Fryer

Claire Westwood

Claire Westwood is The Seaside CEO – an experienced and creative life coach working with visionaries, coaches and change-makers to enable them to make their unique difference in the world while living a life of fun, freedom and flow.

She is the creator of a variety of online courses and Facebook challenges including Moneyfestation, Dive In To Life and the Vibrant Vision Adventure.

Claire’s intuitive and open approach is often described as ‘a breath of fresh air’ and she combines her innovative mind and a playful, enthusiastic approach with effective strategies to produce bespoke solutions for her fabulous clients.

Claire’s intuitive and open approach is often described as ‘a breath of fresh air’ and she combines her innovative mind and a playful, enthusiastic approach with effective strategies to produce bespoke solutions for her fabulous clients.

“Claire you’re a brilliant shining star full of vibrant energy!

Your enthusiasm keeps us all going and encourages us to believe in ourselves so we can keep moving forward.

Thank you Claire you make a real difference in the world ”
Linda Lindan



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