The Aligned Success Documents Package Includes:
An exciting and inspirational package of A4 documents infused with sacred geometry energy. You can print out and use the sheets on a daily and weekly basis to assist you in creating aligned success in your life and business.
*There are example content sheets included to support you too.

Gratitude Vibes

*To record the things you are grateful for now and the things you want to draw into your life… feel the gratitude now! Raise your vibration!

Manifesting Miracles

*To help you focus your energy with the power of the universe and create a mantra of intent to draw into your life whatever your heart desires!

My Aligned Action

*To help you identify and release anything holding you back and take easy aligned action steps to achieve whatever your heart desires.

My Amazing Week

*To set an intent and create a mantra around what you want to achieve and how you want to feel each week. Clarity and energetic focus draws results.

Pyramid Planner

*To check in on what you have now and what you want to draw into your life in 6 months… 12 months… looking at short term and long term goals to help you ensure you are always aligned to staying on your true path.
*12 sheets to either use on a monthly basis or pick and choose a design for a specific goal. These documents provide a sacred geometry shape or mandala for you to colour in as you infuse and focus your energy on a powerful intent and align to universal support.