If you have spiritual practices you may have an altar or zen space where you meditate, focus on being in alignment, write a journal or make notes on what manifesting the abundance you desire looks like.

Our emotions and heart energy are often evoked by visuals. This is why creating vision boards of what you want in your life can support your power in the law of attraction. I find having sacred geometry around me very inspiring and being a soulful graphic designer it lights me up to get creative with paint once in a while as well as creating designs for soulful business owners in


via screen share on the computer on a daily basis.

Art is a powerful visual to help you step into the mindset and energy of both releasing what holds you back and creating the future you most desire.

Sacred Geometry Soulful Art – original paintings created bespoke to order – Choose your colour theme and design from those shown below. 16 inch by 12 inch 2mm board.

DESIGN ONE: Rainbow Colours – Based on Seed of Life Sacred Geometry.
Meaning: Clarity of Focus for Manifesting the Positive Things You Desire in Life regardless of what is thrown at you. You have the power to choose the life you dream of and bring it into your reality. Inspires Creativity.

DESIGN TWO: Turquoise and Blue Colours – Based on Seed of Life Sacred Geometry.
Meaning: Peace. Tranquility. This design captures the power and beauty of the ocean tides and the energy of planetary shifts, the lunar cycle. Great for supporting you in meditation and and attuning to your higher self.

DESIGN THREE: Vibrant Blue and Green Colours – Based on Seed of Life Sacred Geometry.
Meaning: Mother Earth. This is a grounding artwork that helps you feel your connection to nature. It evokes a gentle but powerful energy of healing, restoration and regeneration as you re-align to your true purpose and path in life.

DESIGN FOUR: Rich Pink and Purple Colours – Based on Seed of Life Sacred Geometry.
Meaning: Bubble of Self Love. This design is a representation of and reminder that to engage in self love is creating a powerful universal cell of a beautifully high vibration. Allow yourself to be the amazing being you are.

DESIGN FIVE: Rich Pink and Blue Colours – Based on Flower of Life Sacred Geometry.
Meaning: We are all energy and light. We are all connected to everyone and everything. This design is to help you feel grounded and connected to all as you raise your vibration for higher good.

DESIGN SIX: Peacock Colours – Based on Seed of Life Sacred Geometry.
Meaning: You have heard of a dream catcher… this design is a Dream Manifestor. Helping you to focus and amplify your energy as it ripples out into the universe and then echoes back returning to you your soul desires.

Choose any colour and style from above available at the amazing value price of just £44.00 + Insured P&P (£7.95 one UK mainland address) payable by Inspired To Inspire Invoice (bank transfer)

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T&C: All paintings are created in layers bespoke to order so there is a 5 to 10 day turn around for orders. Note colour splits and patterns may vary slightly cosmetically to those shown due to the nature of the artwork.