I am so excited to have had the opportunity to speak with Francesca Blechner who is an incredibly inspiring and supportive Mind Body Alchemist and all round wonderful soul.

I am sure you will enjoy the interview below.

Question: Hi Francesca, please could you start by telling us where in the world you are based and what geographical areas you cover when working with your clients?

Answer: I am based in London, UK and my client base is international. I work with clients globally online and in the UK for in person work.

Question: Amazing, I love that you can help people all over the world. I’d love to know, how were you inspired to start your business?

Answer: In my early 30’s I hit a crossroads in my life, feeling really stuck, overwhelmed, anxious and fearful of moving forwards. I was on the continual cycle of burnout, seeing results in my business but at the expense of my health, energy and relationships. I had been working as a Personal Trainer and body therapist for 15 years. I worked for myself, had a thriving client base, was constantly on the go but working all hours of the day. I loved what I did but I was exhausted and addicted to being busy in a fast-paced world. 

Answer Continued: I knew I could not sustain this pace. Feeling stuck as a single woman in my 30’s took me on to train and certify in many holistic modalities with world class teachers and mentors, helping to deepen my understanding of the mind-body connection, burnout and stress. Even though I was ‘fit and healthy’ I had not realised how overwhelmed and frazzled my nervous system was. Over the years I went through my own journey of breaking the cycle of burnout holistically, connecting to my feminine energy and radical self care. I gained much wisdom in holistic health, the mind-body connection and how trauma impacts our life experience. I saw so many people like me, particularly in the service based entrepreneurial space that were overwhelmed, fatigued, experiencing health issues and had no blueprint in place to manage their health and wellbeing. My work organically transitioned from that of Fitness and Nutrition to supporting entrepreneurs to reset their health and show up as powerful leaders.

Question: Well you have sure been on quite some journey to get to the point you are at now and I’m sure all your experiences and the wisdom you have gained along the way has helped you become the amazing woman you are today, in a position to help so many others. So how much do you love what you do?

Answer: I absolutely love what I do and love working with clients who are ready to heal, grow and transform. It’s very fulfilling to see my clients transform their health, wellbeing and live a more aligned life.

Question: Yes you must have so much job satisfaction now when you see what a positive difference is being made in so many lives. We all face challenges along our journey. If you could go back to a point in your life when you were facing a challenge, what inspirational advice would you give?

Answer: Listen to your body, it holds great wisdom within and slow the f** down.

Question: I love that. . .and I’d love to know more about how your business inspires your clients?

Answer: My role is to guide my clients back home to themselves, for the power is within them. I guide my clients to be the master of themselves, health and life. I will lovingly walk alongside them and reflect back their blind spots, helping them to integrate the unhealed parts of themselves that may be showing up as repeated life patterns.

Question: It’s so powerful to have a supportive guide when navigating difficult times in life. Knowing you aren’t alone in something and that there is light at the end of the tunnel means a lot when you are feeling low. What is a typical problem someone you work with might be facing and how do you guide them back into the light?

Answer: I commonly work with people at a cross roads in their life, going through a life crisis, physical, emotional and spiritual burnout. My 1:1 program Breakthrough works on 4 main pillars Nervous system regulation, trauma integration, mindset, nutrition & lifestyle. Working with these 4 pillars creates a completely holistic approach and builds a solid foundation and blueprint of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Question: Where do you find inspiration?

Answer: Nature, in beauty and stillness my creativity and inspiration grows.

Question: I love your answer and agree – nature is so inspiring. I love going out in nature too.

Question: What are you inspired to do next?

Answer: I have a structure for a 6 month Lifestyle Reset group coaching program and also an evergreen digital course that I am planning to put out, so that there are different options for people to work with me not just 1:1. Also Health oracle cards planning to be out by Christmas. Watch this space!

If anyone reading this feature relates to burnout, fatigue, anxiety, nervous system overwhelm then book a discovery call to see if you are aligned to work Francesca Select a Date & Time – Calendly or drop Francesca an email fran@mind-bodyalchemist.com