Are you a life coach or business coach who often helps your clients to find clarity and purpose in their business life, either creating a new business venture that fills their heart with joy or expanding and evolving their existing business in alignment with their hearts desire?

As a branding designer with more than 25 years experience I love creating graphics for clients just like yours, to help them attract and engage with the customers they are excited about working with.

For a while now I have been working with coaches to offer them exclusive packages of my services to offer to build into their offerings and provide to their clients at a highly reduced rate. 

I create a bespoke pdf to match your own branding that explains to your clients what they get from Inspired to Inspire and how the process will work.

How It Works

Either you could include a package of my services as part of the offering you sell to your clients and promote it as such stating it’s RRP value (the amount they would pay if they bought from me directly).

You could tell them it’s a BONUS GIFT to them from you when they purchase your package or programme and something they get extra in addition to woking with you as their coach.

When you buy 4 or more of the same design package at the same time you will then benefit from the highly discounted rate. So you could choose to buy a certain amount of design packages upfront before selling that number of your offerings to individuals and then you can give me the name of each client you want to have claim my design package one at a time, as and when they qualify for it as part of your offering (in which case there is no time limit in which the 4 or more design packages must be claimed by)

Or if you are giving it to everyone who has purchased your masterclass or group programme you may know the specific amount of 4 or more design packages you need all at once and be able to give me the names of the qualifying clients upfront. (again there is no time limit in which your clients must then claim the design package with me).

All the design packages I have put together are very flexible and so will be of benefit to your clients whether they are starting a new venture or want to enhance and expand their existing brand. 

The Design Packages On Offer


Designed to help, whether it is for have a new business venture or a client wants to uplevel and expand an existing business. 

Initial 30 minutes zoom chat to discuss where your brand is at now and where you want it to be, who are your ideal customers and how do you want them to feel about your brand.

I will then review any current branding, website, marketing and social media presence if relevant and create a set of 5 design inspiration sheets that show you how to easily enhance your branding and bring into alignment with where you want to take your business in easy step by step stages. For those starting a new venture the inspiration will be for how to create an amazing aligned brand image from scratch. 

There is then a second 45 minute zoom chat to look at the inspiration sheets together over screen share where I can make tweaks, discuss suggestions I have made and answer any questions.

This package contains one finished design (typically a logo design) The client could then either recreate other ideas that I have suggested in canva or similar OR they can buy any of the additional designs I have put forward or bespoke adaptations of these at very affordable rates from just £4 per design.

Usual Fee £198.00

Deal For Coaches (when buying 4 or more) just £111 per package

Email me at to book a call and discuss the possibilities or to directly place your order for 4 or more packages.


Live Design Package

My popular live design service involves creating designs for you in realtime over zoom screen share to ensure results you love. Anything can be created from a logo to website design, marketing materials, product packaging, banners, workbooks or social media posts – whatever designs you need. 

There is an initial zoom chat to discuss your business, your ideal customers and what you need to help you move forward.

I will create a series of inspiration mood boards looking at fonts, colours, backgrounds, elements, styles and shapes that we could potentially modify, combine and work with to create something beautiful and unique. These are sent to you by email.

We have a one and a half hour live design session to create your bespoke artwork.

I then add any finishing touches and save all the artwork up in print and web formats which are provided to you within 24 hours via a dropbox link.

Usual Fee £398.00
Deal For Coaches (when buying 4 or more) just £222

Email me at to book a call and discuss the possibilities or to directly place your order for 4 or more packages.


Essential Graphics Package

20 Bespoke Graphics created to help your client: maintain a consistent professional brand image across social media accounts, launch new offers and create opt-in downloads, workbooks, ebooks to sell and more. They can choose from social media post templates, website banners and graphics, social media banners, newsletter banners and graphics, workbook or ebook templates, certificates, gift vouchers, charts, diagrams, infographics, flyers, adverts and more!

The 20 designs are created remotely as part f this package and can be any combination of the above. Designs can be claimed all at once or spread out over time as and when they are needed.

Usual Fee £248.00
Deal For Coaches (when buying 4 or more) just £122

Email me at to book a call and discuss the possibilities or to directly place your order for 4 or more packages.


If you are interested in us collaborating to create a bespoke design package for your clients, perhaps to help them launch an event, create an online course with workbooks or create a series of facebook ads, please get in touch to book a call and we can discuss how we can make this a win win win offering together.