Do You Want New Dream Clients to say Yes Yes Yes! To working with you?

From Idea To Reality : This 3 day online course with 1-2-1 support will help make that your reality quickly, easily and affordably!

As a graphic designer working with soulful businesses, I spend a lot of time creating HIGH VIBE effective promotions with my clients and I’d LOVE to help you put some wonderful new ideas and energy into attracting new customers too.

Let’s Do This!

So, there are lots of ways to attract your ideal customers and it’s important to just choose the methods that you feel aligned to because not every method is right for everyone and how you feel about what you are sharing with the world matters! It also makes a difference when you don’t feel in overwhelm or confusion and know you have someone here to support you and help you get this right!

In this course we will be focussing on helping you:


Ensure you are in the right energy to easily attract new dream clients

• Clarify which promotion methods will be a success for you

• Finding inspiration and fine tuning ideas

• How to use the power of design to engage with your audience (Top Tips and Examples)


How to create fabulous HIGH VIBE designs that will attract your dream customers through your chosen promotion methods (Practical Tutorials showing you how to do things for yourself as well as the gift of insight and inspiration from my 25 years experience as a designer)

• Create your bespoke action plan and feel confident about the steps to take next

• Be excited about your ideas and ready to see the results they will bring when your dream clients to say Yes Yes Yes to working with you or buying your products

How does it work?

• You will get an email each day with access to video training content and downloadable worksheets

• To make sure you get exactly the right amount of time to work on each section of the course regardless of your other commitments or things that may crop up on the day, there are no time limits… meaning once you have access to the content you can complete it in your own time as quickly or taking as long as you need. Then when you are ready we can book in our advice call and I can help you tweak things to perfection and answer any questions you have.

• As a bonus you will also have the opportunity of a fantastic discount for all the graphics you need being professionally designed for you, remotely providing elements you can use to create things yourself in Canva or working in live design over screen share in realtime to make your promotion plan a massive success!

So, are you ready to have more new clients saying YES YES YES!?

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